Ladies and gents, it’s giveaway time!

A few of us BiteCon gals went down to San Diego during the SDCC weekend and got our hands on a super cool Argent family Bestiary and since we hit a milestone number of followers, we decided to give it away!

In order to comply with Tumblr’s rules, we are not allowed to use reblogs/likes as a source of entry so we’ve made a submission form (here). We are asking for your name, email (to contact you if you’ve won), and tumblr and twitter URLs (strictly for announcement purposes). Please note that you’ll need to give us your mailing address if you win, so do not fill out the form if you’re uncomfortable doing so.

Also, in order to comply with the rest of Tumblr’s rules, you must be 18 or older to enter and live in the United States. We’re so sorry about that! We’re going to do our best to try to have more after BiteCon 2015 that will be open to anyone, especially all the international folks!

I think that’s all, folks! Good luck!

Please note that this contest is in no way associated with tumblr, we are just using it as the platform to announce the contest. The odds of winning depend on the number of entries received.

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    Today is the last day to enter so make sure to fill out the form if you want to possibly win your own Bestiary!
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